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Printing serive offers high quality standard to take your project through the variety of production process - Editorial, Design, Type Setting, Artwork and Page Layout, Printing, Finishing (Paper bound and Hard cover). All the production processes will be monitored for an excellent outcome by our professional staff with experienced and talented skills over the past 18 years.

Our Services Include:

1. Editorial Services

Drawn from our professional and reliable teams of editorial staffs from both our printing and publishing divisions, we proudly offer a wide range of editorial services such as writing and preparing manuscripts, editing, content building and analysis, proofreading, and providing any needed editorial advice and suggestions.

2. Design

Our energetic and highly innovative team of graphic designers and artists has always been willing to transform the customer's? ideas, visions, and imaginations into a variety of impressive and creative printing products.

3. Photographing

Well-trained, highly qualified and fully equipped with modern digital cameras and accessories, our professional team of photographers is keen to offer the high quality photographing service both indoor and outdoor.

4. Typesetting

Manuscripts in whatever formats - document or data file, typed or handwritten originals or camera-ready artwork - will be professionally prepared and made ready for pre-press and printing processes.

5. Pagination

Our fully computerized pagination and layout system will surely be able to serve all different formats of printing matters required by our customers.

6. Printing

We proudly offer our high quality printing service. The printing quality is even more ensured by the newly introduced, entirely computerized quality control procedures and the widely recognized professional team of our experienced printing technicians.

7. Finishing (Book Binding)

We provide all kinds of book binding techniques to suit the needs of our customers from saddle stitch, perfect binding and thread sewn to soft cover, hard cover and other special packaging. Reliable and just in time delivery to both domestic and international addresses are also available.