First News - Tri Viet

In the right situation, only one book can change your life


“Our creativity provides the most up-to-date, interesting & essential knowledge to Vietnamese readers.”

First News–Tri Viet has gained a great reputation in Vietnam with high quality books targeting at the young, educated, business-oriented people, and upwardly mobile demographics in Vietnam.

Vietnamese media has published numerous articles considering Tri Viet as one of the most famous brand name. In the Vietnam publishing community, First News -Tri Viet has become a brand of choice, quality and trust to the Vietnamese readership.

First News is a cultural and creative company specializing in books to serve Vietnamese readers of all levels with latest, essential and helpful information in many fields as music, culture, arts, science and technology, foreign languages, home medicine and healthcare, business, self-help, etc.

Along with a clear strategy, we have worked with several foreign publishers and rights agents, such as: Harper Collins, Random House, Simon& Schuster, Franklin Covey, Dorling Kindersley, KoganPage, Berrett-Koehler, John Wiley & Sons, Hyperion, Margret McBride, Tuttle-Mori, etc… to obtain rights for books that fit our product line.

We can claim that we have the best product line, thus enhancing us with further reputation.